Board of directors.


Tobias Johan Toft

Partner, and co-founder in Retail Brands. Earlier MD of Group Export & Travel Retail in PANDORA.
HD Strategic Marketing, 2003.

Members of the board

Niels-Ulrik Mousten

Currently entrepreneur and board member in a range of companies, including deputy chairman in PFA Pension and chairman of Nykredit Invest. Earlier CEO Danske Capital. Cand.merc 1987. Executive education at INSEAD and Wharton.

Jakob Mathias Wichmann

CEO and co-founder Voluntas Group. M.cs. Political Science 2001.

Dennis Birkeholm Larsen

Attorney and partner in Clemenslaw, Cand. Merc. Jur 2002 & Cand.Jur 2005.

Jesper Felthaus

CEO at Retail Brands, cand.merc 2000. Executive education at Babson.

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