Hotel Chocolat.

When the very first Hotel Chocolat shop opened its doors to guests in North London in 2004, it was the start of a revolution in British chocolate.
Two entrepreneurs, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, were on a mission to make chocolate exciting again.


Today, we have 103 shops as well as cafés and restaurants, and we have a hotel on our working cocoa plantation in the Caribbean. In Denmark the journey started with the opening of the first 3 boutiques in Copenhagen.

Everything we do is still guided by the three basic values that we started with
– and it always will be.

It startet with a mission.

What we believe in.


We’re constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.



Chocolate starts at the roots of the cacao tree. So we got stuck in.



You work too hard for bad chocolate. They work too hard for cheap cocoa. We’ve been raising the bar for cocoa-growing since 2002.

We look forward to seeing you soon:

Copenhagen. Østergade 13

Copenhagen. Fredriksberg Centret

Roskilde. RO's Torv

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